Women in Tech

Women in Tech

Only 18% of tech roles are held by women in 2019. Has anything changed for women working in the industry in a post #MeToo era? I’m joined by Abadesi Osunsade and Jo Kerr to discuss what it is like to work and commentate on tech.

These are two wonderful women. Abadesi is the founder of Hustle Crew, NonTechTech, co-host of Techish podcast and the author of new careers advice book, “Dream Big Hustle Hard: A Millennial Woman’s Guide to Success in Tech”. Jo is a consultant for charities and non-profits who want to change how they work through digital.

Links to ideas mentioned in the podcast

Safiya Noble – Algorithms of Oppression – a fantastic book on a lack of diversity in tech and the consequences of this.

A new study finds a potential risk with self-driving cars: failure to detect dark-skinned pedestrians – by Vox

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