The Pathetic Dot

Lawrence Lessig Pathetic Dot Theory

Wendy Bradley from Saïd Business School (another organisation which has not officially endorsed TWAAATS) joins us this week to talk about internet regulation. Wendy is a postdoc who is a specialist in technological innovation and entrepreneurial finance.

This podcast is about tech ethics – however – we think it is important to not only talk about the specific applications where we need ethics, but also the theories we can use to think about ethics and regulation. One of these is the Pathetic Dot theory by Lawrence Lessig. You can read up on theory here. Lessig believes that there are 4 components to regulation:

  1. Law
  2. Social Norms
  3. Market
  4. Architecture

So if you have a pathetic dot, this dot is constrained in doing what it can do via these 4 aspects. The dot cannot fly because of gravity (architecture). It cannot murder because of the law and social norms. It cannot buy a gold grand piano with aerodynamic wings because of the market.

We discuss where we should focus our attention when it comes to tech ethics. Wendy is awesome and very funny so we hope you enjoy the episode!

Various links and images

We are designing the architecture of the web right now. This has massive implications for what we can do with the internet. We spoke about the ‘hourglass’ image that shows the different layers of the applications and infrastructure of the internet. Here it is!

If you’re interested in Digital Rights Management then check out the wiki here.

Victor Mayer-Schönberger Twitter can be found here.

This is the Planet Money podcast.

UK Ninja Warrior Appearance

If (like us) you were dying to see Wendy’s appearance on UK Ninja Warrior then you can check out here:

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