Should Platforms Police Trafficking?

Should Platforms Police Trafficking?

More and more regulators believe that platforms like Facebook and Google should take responsibility for the content that appears on their platforms. But is it irresponsible for states to give policing power to platforms? And what repercussions could this have for free speech? Alice Thwaite and Andrew Strait discuss the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act – one of only a few acts to get through the Senate that has support from both Republican and Democrat parties.

Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act Info

Sex Trafficking Bill Heads to Trump, Over Silicon Valley Concerns by Cecelia Kang and Sheryl Gay Stolberg in The New York Times

Does Intermediary Immunity Keep the Rest of Us Healthy? by Jonathan Zittrain in The Recorder

A movie about online sex-trafficking might actually get laws changed by Johnathan Anderson in The Washington Post

People We Referenced

Rasmus Kleis Nielson on the Power of Platforms – his Twitter is here – his website is here – and annoyingly I can’t find an article he’s written on the Power of Platforms. But apparently, he has a book coming out soon.

danah boyd’s – It’s Complicated – (non-affiliate Amazon link)

Carl Miller’s Twitter can be found here.

Real-life Accounts of Content Filtering

The Worst Job at Google: A Year of Watching Beastiality, Child Pornography, and Other Terrible Internet Things by Kyle Wagner in Gizmodo

The Laborers Who Keep Dick Pics and Beheadings Out of Your Facebook Feed by Adrian Chen in Wired

Gore, Porn, and Unspeakable Acts on Dead Bears: My Awful Life as the Internet’s Janitor by Lucas Peterson in GQ

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