The Perfect Platform Business Model

The Perfect Platform Business Model

Hello fellow TWAAATS. Big news this week – we finally got an acronym that works for the podcast. (Not an anacronym, as I (Alice) keep saying both out loud and written down. TALKING WITH ALICE and ANDREW ABOUT TECH SHIT. Thank you to super fan Jonny for taking the time out to creatively think on our behalf.

Other big news – we’ve had another tech glitch where we (ANDREW) forgot to record the podcast through the massive microphone sat between the both of us and instead we recorded through the computer mic. So the sound may not be great. But it’s better to have a good discussion and bad tech than excellent tech and vapid content. Right? Right. Also, I’m just waiting for the day when the website crashes and I’m hoping that Andrew will be forgiving. So lets all practice forgiveness.

No guest this week. Andrew and I talk about what we’d like to see from a platform business model. Here are a couple of key links.

The Perfect Platform Business Model links to check out

Wild Wild Country on Netflix. My god. Watch it. We can’t link to it directly here because Netflix won’t let you. But watch it.

We mentioned Peter Thiel. Here is his Wikipedia page. Here is something the Echo Chamber Club curated about how Peter Thiel defends large monopolies.

Hooked by Nir Eyal is a book explaining how to create addictive apps.

Andrew mentioned an app which isn’t addictive. Check out a couple of options here: “Limit your screen time with these six apps for iPhone and Android”

We talked about the ‘guru’ James Williams. Go follow him on Twitter: @WilliamsJames_ And whilst you’re at it. Follow us too.

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