#IWD2018 + Empathy & Algorithms

#IWD2018 + Empathy & Algorithms

In the second episode of the TWAAATs podcast, or colloquially know as: “Tech With Alice And Andrew TS”, we discuss the articles we wish had been written on International Women’s Day in the tech space as well as the issue of empathy and AI.

We mentioned that many large tech websites didn’t mention International Women’s Day at all on their front pages. Here’s the screenshot of Wired at around 6pm (from the UK), and here’s the screenshot of the homepage of Techcrunch on 8th March 2018.

We also discussed the Wired article: “UK police are using AI to inform custodial decisions – but it could be discriminating against the poor”.

We also mentioned the COMPAS system in the US – please read the ProPublica article here.

RightsCon (how could we forget you) can be found here.

Contact Alice here, and contact Andrew here. If you’re on Twitter we’re at @alicelthwaite and @dopeapotamus.

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