Can the internet be safe?

Can the internet be safe?

Deputy Director of the Oxford Internet Institute, Vicki Nash, joins us this week to discuss internet safety and internet regulation. Vicki is responsible for presenting OII research as evidence at government policy meetings, so she has a unique insight into how UK Parliament is approaching internet governance.

Internet Safety

We spoke about this Internet Safety Green Paper published by the Government. Key points as follows:

  • What is unacceptable offline should be unacceptable online;
  • All users should be empowered to manage online risks and stay safe;
  • Technology companies have a responsibility to their users.

Internet Regulation

Vicki recently gave evidence to this inquiry: “The internet: to regulate or not to regulate?

Interesting Links

More information about the Australian Cyber Abuse Initiative can be found here.

Here’s a link to the Santa Clara Principles on Content Moderation.

Vicki mentioned Jonathan Zittrain’s views on Private Sheriffs. Watch a lecture he gave on this subject at the OII.

We mentioned video platform Take a look here.

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