Identity and the Alt-Right

Digital Identity and the Alt-Right

Today we’re looking at the new alt-right identities forming online. What is new about new digital identities in an internet era compared to before? How should we taxonomise and think about them. Are there specific identities which we should give attention to and not?

We couldn’t have recorded this episode without Sid. Sid Venkataramakrishnan is a Master’s student studying the digital identity of the far-right at the OII. He has an MS in Journalism from Columbia, likes Old Irish, and once survived a flash flood.

There was so much covered in this week’s episode – as discussed at the end we’ve decided not to link to too much of it. However, here are some links that we’re happy to share.

Links to topics covered in the podcast

If you wanna learn more about Old Irish then here’s an FAQ I found about how you can woo your partner of choice in this medieval language.

This article by Vox on Gamergate is fab. I’m also going to self-promote and say you should read this article by me from a couple of years ago on how I learned about the alt-right.

Here’s another piece of self-promotion from Alice about The Crisis of Meaning. I’ll be speaking about this a lot more in the coming months.

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