Google Wifi – Extremism – Bitcoin Malware

Tech Accessibility Youtube Radicalisation and App Monetisation

Tulsi Parida joins us for the third episode of Tech With Alice And Andrew (and Tulsi Sometimes). In this episode we’re focussing on 3 stories. The first, proffered by Tulsi, is this article in Engaget called:“Google’s public WiFi hotspots come to Mexico” where she also references this article by Tim Berners Lee: “The web can be weaponised – and we can’t count on big tech to stop it”. Andrew talks about Zeynep Tufekci’s piece: “Youtube, the Great Radicaliser” and Alice looks at an article in Ars Technica which shows that some apps are installing malware on your computer which mines bitcoin as payment for their app.

Andrew created this jingle – so all copyright stays with him (but feel free to sample it if you so wish).

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