The Ethics of Payments

The Ethics of Payments

Paying for basic goods and services is very different now to even 6 years ago. We can pay via contactless payments and our mobiles. We shop online and mainly use debit and credit cards to do this. Even market stalls carry devices for taking card payments and the high street is going cash free. But what does this mean for our society? Have you thought about the ethics of payments and the new structures which are gaining power?

Joining me, Alice Thwaite, for this episode are Brett Scott and Jo Kerr. Brett Scott is an author, journalist and financial campaigner. He is the author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money, and collaborates with a wide range of groups on monetary systems, banking reform, alternative currencies, financial activism, digital finance, blockchain technology, hacker culture, and technology politics.

Jo Kerr is a consultant for charities and non profits who want to change how they work through digital. Her practice includes executive coaching, workshop facilitation, training, strategy development and service design. Jo developed the Digital Maturity Matrix which as helped over 1,000 charities understand their digital maturity and set goals for the future. She is a trustee of Turn2us and Trajectory Theatre and a fellow of the Intersticia Foundation and Newspeak House.

Writing by Brett Scott

The Gentrification of Payments  – this was for the Transnational Institute’s State of Power 2019 report.
Hardcoding Ethics into Fintech This is focused on financial technology more generally, rather than digital payments
In Praise of Cash a cashless society pieces

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You can contact Brett on Twitter here and Jo on Twitter here. I am on Twitter @alicelthwaite and my email is alice [at] twaaats [dot] com.

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