Cambridge Analytica – political campaigning in the age of big data

Episode Four - we talk about what exactly is wrong with Cambridge Analytica's actions with Youtuber Jazza John

How could we not talk about Cambridge Analytica this week? Alice Thwaite and Andrew Strait are joined by Jazza John, our colleague at the OII and one half of the team behind the Right Dishonourable podcast.

We’ve been asked to try and ensure that our podcasts don’t use terminology that is difficult to understand. We’re trying to get around this feedback but the most pertinent way is to add a lot of links to the podcast landing page so you can read about the topic.

Cambridge Analytica Files:

This link on the Guardian is up to date with all the revelations concerning Cambridge Analytica. Also wise to check out Carole Cadwalladr’s Twitter. Here is the Wikipedia entry for the company.

Key terms:

Cookie: tracking code which is placed in your browser when you land on a website. More info can be found here.

Natural Language Processing: generic term given to how we program computers to understand natural language. More controversially, software attempts to understand the personality of the people using particular language to predict their future behaviour. More information can be found here.

Other articles mentioned in the podcast:

Google, democracy and the truth about internet search by Carole Cadwalladr, the Guardian, December 2016.

Everything We Know About Facebook’s Secret Mood Manipulation Experiment by Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic, June 2014.

Hacking the Electorate by Eitan Hersh, (non-affiliate Amazon link)

Finally, here is what Andrew, Jazza and I looked like just before the podcast in our face masks after we’d just completed an exam and a hand-in for our Masters.

Alice, Jazza and Andrew with clay masks on.

And this is what we looked like afterwards.

We're so hysterical, we're so tired MEME

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