Anonymity, Identity and Bots

Anonymity, Identity and Bots

Social media accounts should be attached to people and not bots. But how do we ensure that these verification processes are not discriminatory? Should we allow some people to be anonymous when discussing politics if revealing their identity could put them in danger?

Alice Thwaite and Andrew Strait are joined on this episode by Bethan Charnley, a colleague at the OII who is looking at digital identity.

Key links discussed in the podcast

Jena Friedman’s Twitter can be found here.

No one knows you’re a dog cartoon…

And the 2018 version…

‘You have one identity’: performing the self on Facebook and LinkedIn by José van Dijck

Our favourite man Mark Zuckerberg on digital identity as analysed by Mark Zimmer: Facebook’s Zuckerberg: “Having two identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity”

We talked about Onomastic Theory. Bethan recommends this book for an introduction: Names and Naming.

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